Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What does my future hold??

If only we had a crystal ball so we would know how today's decisions will impact tomorrow, if only we could secure future success by our actions right now, if only life had a map or a diagram telling us where we were going.....  I'm not sure about you, but I don't think I want any of these things.  I do believe each of has some type of destiny; somewhere we are supposed to end up.  Whether that destiny is impacted by our actions today, by something greater than us (God), or quite possibly both, we will probably never know.  There is no doubt in my mind that God has a plan for me, and by trying to live my life in his image he will guide me.  However, there are still choices and decisions we make each day that impact our future.

I like to believe that I live my life enjoying today, but I am more and more conscious of how it may impact my future.  I try to take advantages of the joys presented to me, thank God for the blessings he has given me, and use every opportunity I can to be kind to someone else.  That being said, I do find that I have been thinking more lately about my future.  This is something that has honestly not crossed my mind much over the past five years.  I love to plan and organize my work, studies, vacations, exercise routine, etc...., but when it comes to personal decisions about MY future - I've really just been filling in the pages as they come.  These new feelings and pressures I have in my life to make decisions about my future are confusing me.

How do you find the balance between truly living your life for everything that it is today and making decisions for your future.  I have always believed that living for today definitely trumps planning for the future, but is that right?  I could go around and around and explain how well maybe living for today is what in a way actually does plan your future, or how if we plan for tomorrow we will enjoy today, or how you only have today so take advantage of it!  I am now seeing the argument from every angle, when before I saw so clearly that living for today and taking things as they come was the answer.

Now I will bring things to a little more personal of a level.  I can probably name 5 reasons off the top of my head as to why this question has started to trouble me the last couple of months.

1. Family Pressure to have a plan and make decisions.
2. I have someone in my life I want to plan a future with for the first time.
3. Money (I hate that this is on the list, but I know that it is true.)
4. Age, let's face it I'm not getting any younger.
5. Career development and opportunities.

Now here is the real kicker.  Is any one of these things on it's own enough to change the way I have believed is correct to live my life?

I'm sure that at the end of the day I will relax and find a solution that is right for me that combines all of these aspects.  I also think I have realized that there is a BIG difference in "living for the future" and "planning for the future".  In the meantime, I have been making some future decisions while still trying to live in the now.  A moment will come when my eyes are opened and see clearly the value life holds and how best to handle it.  I know that the best thing is to let go and know that someone is guiding me along the way.

Without trying to plan to far ahead, here is an update on my somewhat laid out future plans.

I have official started a new business.  Since I have experience both working in tourism and traveling myself in Peru, I have established an online business called "Expert Peru Travel".  This will be very advantageous for me since I will basically be able to work from my home no matter where I am.  My future is a little uncertain, but it is likely I will be spending time in both Peru and the U.S. in the coming years, so this is perfect.  It has been a project in the works for almost 3 months.  I am proud to see that what started as a fantastical idea has turned into a reality.  Please visit and let me know what you think!

I will be coming home for about 2 1/2 months this summer.  I arrive home at the end of May and will be staying into August.  Spending time with my family and friends is something that is very much needed!  Julio will also be coming to the U.S. for 2 weeks or so to finally meet my family.  (still pending VISA approval on this - keep your fingers crossed!)

Julio has just started a new job working for a mining company here in Peru.  It is a very good job with very high potential for him to be very successful in the future.  He is technically an intern at this point, but the intention will be for him to be hired on after he graduates in July.

Beyond this, my intention is to stay in Peru for at least one more year.  What comes after that will be determined by a whole lot of factors that I can't plan for just yet.  =)

Good Night!!!!!!

(it is funny how writing things down just makes everything a little more clear)


  1. Your future is so bright Julia, this I know! You have the ability many envy, living in the moment and letting life "happen." Todays decisions have led you to be able to experience life in a way that brings YOU happiness, and that is really the most important! I hope your future decisions are made because you feel they are right because of just that, the feeling you get when you are with that someone special or when you are doing something you really enjoy. Life is a gift and wherever you are and whatever you are doing, I wish you nothing but complete happiness.

    That said, I am stoked about your decision to come visit this summer! One thing you could probably start planning on is spending your days at the lake, nights at bonfires, country music, sand volleyball, girls nights, Twins games, maybe a concert or two...... etc, etc, etc. Hope you are as excited as I am! :)

  2. The BEST way to take care of your future is to take care of today. Being well (from a holistic perspective - mentally, physically and spiritually) leads to making good decisions today. And really, when you think about it...the future never really comes. We only ever have today. :-) You are doing WONDERFULLY my dear, I have no doubt that when your new today comes, it will be just fine!
    Blessings to you!