Sunday, March 13, 2011


Forward motion only requires one small step
There is a song I have been finding myself listening to again and again and again.  I first heard it about 3 months ago on my itunes radio and fell in love with it.  It was starting to get pretty popular before I left, so many of you may know this song: Dog Days are Over by Florence and the Machine - Song.  A very unique artist, and I can't begin to imagine where the inspiration for the song or the video came from.  However, for some reason I want this song to be like my theme song.  I don't think that my life relates to this song, not really anyway, but it inspires me and I love the lyrics. 

This week I feel like I've really settled in.  Everything is starting to feel comfortable, and I'm adjusted to the idea that this is my life.  It's not just something I'm trying out, wandering through, or watching from the outside.  This is my life, the one life I have, and I want to be 100% in this moment.  My mind has become more aware and present.  When I first arrived, my energy was focused a lot on myself.  Not because I was trying to be selfish, but because I was so lost that it took everything I had to just get what I needed.  Now I can actually listen to, understand, and really relate to someone else.  The focus of my attention can now be on someone else's wants or needs.  I guess the biggest barriers were the language and uncertainty of my surroundings.  I am definitely pretty comfortable with my surrounding, and the language, well it is coming along as good as I can expect after living here for a month. 

Work provided me with another busy week.  This is a good thing.  I like being so busy that I don't have enough time to really think about anything.  Like when you're really in the groove and flowing from one thing to the next.  It's like you just know what to do and how to do it without thinking it through.  It was another successful week and I think vacation planning is actually kind of a fun career.  Next week, the other sales agent returns from her over two week vacation.  It will be nice to have some of the loud taken off, but even nicer to have someone to help me learn how to do more things.

All kinds of relationships have been growing around me this week.  Now that I am beginning to communicate with others and am able to listen to them, people have really opened up to me.  I dare say, I may even have a few new friends.  From people in the office to old and new roommates at my house, it has been a social week.  I am learning a lot about the interesting people around me.  They come from all walks of life, each unique, and many with extremely interesting stories to tell! I think this whole growing process has really been great for the relationship I already had as well.  Julio has always been really great, but I feel now that he maybe appreciates me more.  We never really knew each other that well; we had more of an instant deep connection than an actual relationship.  Now, we are really getting to know each other, and I think it's safe to say we still like each other, probably even more than before.  :o)

My vantage point - tsunami waves

This week there was a great sadness that hit our country with the earthquake and following tsunami in Japan.  It's great the way the world can really pull together at times of need.  It is also amazing how small our world really is.  A tragedy like that in Japan not only reaches our homes through communication means, but it touches us physically with the aftermaths.  The fact that the tsunami waves could reach as far as the US shore, and here in Peru, just baffles my mind.  The waves were set to reach the Peruvian coast at about 8:45 on Friday night in Lima.  A lot of the city had shut down at 4:00 as a safety measure.  The coastal highways were closed, all businesses were instructed to close at 4:00, and people were urged to take safety precautions.  People lined the Dunes overlooking the coast waiting to watch and experience what was to come.  There were some pretty good sized continuous waves, but I can't say they were any bigger than the waves are here on a windy day, I think everyone felt a sigh of relief, but also a little disappointment; as they were hoping to witness sometheing a little bit bigger.  All in all, it is just most important that everyone was safe.

The other onlookers

This weekend we had a big party at my house.  It was a party in celebration of the leaving of one of the girls that lives her.  She will be returning in a couple of months, but nonetheless, a good reason for a party.  Here in Peru, everyone likes to go all out for a celebration.  We had a great BBQ with way too much food, good music, lots of laughs, and many kind people.  It was fun to socialize a little bit, especially in Spanish!  I also met a couple other Americans, and I really enjoyed talking to them about their experiences here.  There are so many really unique great people traveling here.  I look forward to meeting more American travelers and also making more Peruvian friends.

Today, I went out for an amazing lunch with my roommates.  It was at a restaurant called El Mirador.  It is a long ways away from my home, in the northern most part of the city.  It overlooks the harbor where hundreds of vessels come with cargo.  It is a very pretty area with a Naval Academy, Army Museums, a beautiful beach area, and some nice shops and restaurants.  It is small, it is not like the large areas of the city where there is always traffic and hustle and bustle.  Driving through the city today, I really have started to realize how huge this place is.  There are so many areas I don't know and haven't seen.  I think you could live here a lifetime and still not know all the little secrets.  I guess that is just how big cities are though.  I'm used to Storden where I have ever street corner, tree, building, or change that has ever happened, engraved in my brain.  I'm excited to do some more exploring.

I hope everyone back home is well and safe.  Also, please remember that I do live here and I am a travel agent.  If you want a vacation, please take advantage of me!  I would love love love to see some familiar faces this year!!!  Here is my work website:

Hasta Luego!

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